Hamlet 2017

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark – Nathan Darrow*

Claudius, King of Denmark – Bruce Roach*

The Ghost of the late king, Hamlet’s father – John Rensenhouse*

Gertrude, the Queen – Jan Rogge*

Polonius, councilor of State – Robert Gibby Brand*

Laertes, Polonius’s son – Matt Schwader*

Ophelia, Polonius’s daughter – Hillary Clemens*

Horatio, friend and confidant of Hamlet – Jake Walker*

Rosencrantz – Darren Kennedy*

Guildenstern – Collin Vorbeck

Reynaldo, a servant of Polonius – Matt Rapport*

Marcellus, member of the King’s guard – Justin Barron

Barnardo, member of the King’s guard – Freddy Acevedo

Francisco, member of the King’s guard – Josh LeBrun

Osric, a courtier – Wyatt McCall

Player King – Mark Robbins*

Player Queen – Kendra Keller

Lucianus, a player – Justin Barron

Prologue Player – Mauricio Miranda

Player – Freddy Acevedo

First Gravedigger – Matt Rapport*

Second Gravedigger – R.H. Wilhoit

Gentlewoman of the court – Kendra Keller

Priest – Mauricio Miranda

Courtiers – Freddy Acevedo, Mauricio Miranda

Guards – R.H. Wilhoit, Josh LeBrun

Court Attendants – Roan Ricker, Leah Wilczewski, Hadassah Wilczewski

* denotes member of Actors’ Equity Association

Director – Sidonie Garrett

Production Manager and Lighting Designer – Ward Everhart

Scenic Designer – Gene Emerson Friedman

Costume Designer – Mary Traylor

Sound Designer – Rusty Wandall

Composer – Greg Mackender

Properties Master – Bret Engle

Period Movement and Choreographer – Tracy Terstriep Herber

Fight Choreographers – Martin English and William Grey Warren

Technical Director – Chaz Bell

Production Stage Manager – Jinni Pike*

Dramaturg – Alyson Germinder

* denotes member of Actors’ Equity Association

6:20 pm
Show Talk, presented by local Shakespeare enthusiast Philip blue owl Hooser and scholar Dr. Felicia Hardison-Londré, gives audiences an entertaining and educational preview of the play. You will find the talk across the creek outside the Festival Gate.

Philip blue owl Hooser will present his Show Talk Tuesday, June 13 through Tuesday, June 22.
Dr. Londré will present her Show Talk Friday, June 23 through Sunday, July 2.

6:50 pm
Team Shakespeare, the Festival’s teen apprentice troupe, presents a hilarious parody of the Festival play. The parody will amuse both children and adults while helping them understand the plot of Hamlet. You will find the performance between the Festival Gate and the seating area.

After the death of his beloved father King Hamlet, a grief-stricken Prince Hamlet returns home from his studies in Wittenburg to the Danish court at Elsinore. The Late King Hamlet’s brother, Claudius, has assumed the old king’s place in more ways than one — as ruler of Denmark and as a second husband to Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother–with less than two months having passed since the king’s death. Prince Hamlet, profoundly disturbed by the shocking speed of these events, struggles to find meaning in his radically altered world. The old king’s ghost returns to tell Hamlet that he was murdered by Claudius and urges him to kill Claudius in revenge. Hamlet vows to think of nothing else, but his restless intellect soon plunges him into uncertainty about the rightness of the deed he’s sworn to do. He comes up with a plan to seek concrete proof of Claudius’s guilt, all the while concealing his true intentions.

Hamlet had shown a romantic interest in Ophelia, but her father, Polonius, intervenes, insisting she reject the prince’s attentions. Hamlet’s subsequent odd behavior, especially with Ophelia, leads Polonius to conclude that he has been driven mad for want of her love. Claudius distrusts Hamlet and sends to Wittenburg for two of his friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, hoping they will get Hamlet to reveal his true state of mind. Self-doubting and guilt-ridden about his failure to act on his vow of revenge, Hamlet seizes on the opportunity presented by the visit of a band of traveling players and has them reenact the death of the old king in front of the new. Claudius reacts violently to the play, giving Hamlet his proof and a renewed resolve to act, which he does later that night in his mother’s chamber when he mistakes an eavesdropping Polonius for Claudius, killing him.

Hamlet’s murderous intentions now revealed, Claudius immediately plots for his murder. He sends Hamlet to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern; a secret letter Hamlet’s former friends carry will ensure his speedy execution by that country’s king. But Hamlet outsmarts his enemies and makes his way back to Denmark, only to find that Ophelia, driven mad by his rejection and her father’s murder, has drowned. Laertes, her brother, returns from university in Paris for her funeral. He vows vengeance against Hamlet for the deaths of his father and sister.

Claudius and Laertes plot together against Hamlet, making arrangements for a duel between the young men that isn’t what it appears to be: both Laertes’s sword and a cup of wine to be offered by the king are poisoned. Hamlet is cut by Laertes’s poisoned sword, but winds up exchanging his own sword for it as the duel progresses. Queen Gertrude accidentally drinks the poisoned wine and dies. Hamlet wounds Laertes with the poisoned sword. In his final moments, Laertes reveals the plot and forgives Hamlet for the death of Polonius before he dies. In his last few moments of life, Hamlet kills Claudius and leaves Horatio to lay the court to rest.