Your donation today, helps FREE WILL tomorrow.

It's Free Because of Me

Last year, we experienced an amazing summer of FREE Shakespeare in the park.  Without an attentive and enthusiastic audience, there is no Festival.  If you attended last summer, you were one of more than 32,000 people who saw King Lear.  This is your hometown Festival that the Kansas City Star calls: “one of the best events of the summer…”  We hope that you enjoyed your evening at last summer's Festival and have your calendars marked for our 2016 season, dates in June and July to be announced soon. 

As our new year is beginning, we are in need of your support—the support necessary for another professional production of Shakespeare FREE to the community.  And that’s where we need the help of every individual who enjoys the Festival and cares about making high quality arts experiences available to the entire city.  While we enjoy support from a long list of foundations, businesses and public entities, we also depend on the generosity of individuals like you—the people who attend each summer and enjoy Shakespeare and the community spirit that fills Southmoreland Park. 

We are deeply committed to keeping the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival accessible to everyone and we think it speaks to the better nature of our community that our Festival is one of only a handful of FREE Festivals across the country still in existence. 

Please consider a contribution to the Festival today.  No matter the size of your gift— it makes a real difference!  In return, we promise you another summer of great theatre in a beautiful park, life-changing education programs for young people, and the deep satisfaction that comes from being able to say, “It’s FREE because of me.”