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What People Like Most About the Festival

crowd “I love being outside watching a professional production of Shakespeare.  I always donate but I love that anyone can come who might not normally come to such an event.  My daughters love Shakespeare.  Although we’ve enjoyed indoor productions, there is something magical about a warm summer night that heightens the experience.  Our whole family loves the festival."

“The quality of the production, the atmosphere, the across the board appeal for all people – it’s great that all people can enjoy the classics.”

“It’s free!  That means a lot to parents on a budget.”

“It makes Shakespeare accessible to families.”

“That it is a cultural event outdoors, that it’s safe and not too stuffy.”

“Good production, pleasant surroundings – you can’t beat entertainment like this.”

“It’s so fun!  A wonderful way to spend time with people in Kansas City.”

“My son is 18 and he has come every year since he was four.”

“A good play under a summer’s evening sky.”