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2014 Sonnet Contest Winners

Grades 4 - 12 and Adult Categories

2014 HASF Sonnet Contest Winners

Group I:  Grades 4–8

First Place-Isbela Piedranita


The innocent snow piles onto the ground.

The snowflakes form into a large white hill,

For days it lies trampled by kids around.

The pure white layers lay compact and still.

She peeks out from behind the dusky cloud,

Her pleasant rays hug the now lifeless snow.

"It's your time to go," she declared aloud.

The snow weeps and gently seeps down below.

Life bursts out with a cry of joy and cheer!

Velvet vibrant tulips bud and sprout out.

Blue Bells ring loud through the land far and near,

A gusty stratus comes creeping about.

One more time, mother must nurture all life.

Sun will come the next day, no need for strife.


Second Place-Jillian Harte

Spring Things With Fling

My world before you came was black and white

No shades of gray, no varied hues to see

But then each day was wonderful and bright

Because you brought the color back to me

Look there!  A sky so vast and deeply blue

Green grass that glows as brightly as a jewel

With golden-yellow flowers peeking through

Reflected in your eyes, pure crystal pools

But then you left, one stormy winter's day

And took with you the gift you had bestowed

All yellows, blues, and greens faded away

My eyes were left to see in black-white mode

Yet maybe when the spring returns once more

I might recall the vibrant days of lore


Third Place-Carly Hoffman


dark eyes shining through the bleakest of nights,

bringing dawn to my cyclical torment,

easing me away from dangerous heights,

shielding my heart so I cannot lament.

welcome are his eyes, calm and wonderful,

navy blue like an infite ocean,

patient, quiet and understandable,

constantly present with slow devotion.

eyes so fiercely resonating fervor,

constrasting with mine that portray stillness,

my confidant, no simple observer,

unceasingly aware of my weakness.

and love me he does, despite the sorrow,

there for me in my prolonged tomorrow.


Fourth Place-Lea Spiers

Love and Passion

The lights go up as I'm about to play

Like a symphony my mind is racing

Taking a breath, my thoughts begin to stray

Perfectly imperfect is my pacing

Following the soothing melodic line

My violin's voice can be heard singing

Graceful sounds create a story of mine

The beautiful melody is ringing

The music is gaining a rapid pace

Its expressive beats now finally sung

Clean and shiny is my violin's face

When the piece is done, the last note has rung

Experiences that I hope to keep

If I could never play I swear I'd weep.



Group II:  Grades 9-12

First Place-Caleb Patton

Brotherly Battles

Why won't my brother get out of the tub?

His shower takes him half an hour's time

I do not understand what's left to scrub;

He cannot possibly have that much grime.

When I fin'lly have access to the bath,

I find no hot water comes from the tap.

The blast of icy liquid stokes my wrath;

This constant irritation makes me snap.

The battle shifts from shower to the sink;

He takes up all the space to do his hair.

Our conflict is pushed to the very brink,

And the fraternal bond is in despair.

Despite the times my brother is my foe,

He is my brother, and I love him so.


Second Place-Sachi Sarwal


I'm standing upon the mountain's summit

The sweat from my ascent still glistening

Gazing down shows how far I could plummet

Because some will always be listening

But why does the air I breathe feel so thin

With success I was meant to feel content

I've come too far now to even beging

To remember those I lost and lament

Was this mountain always silent, lonely?

With no source of warmth on it's still, white peak

Searching the fog, but it is I only

Ghosts of laughter from long ago now speak

What is my life now?  Hollow, nothing more

I must keep moving, nothing to stay for.


Third Place-McKinzie Norton

Sonnet 1

Yes, there is such a thing as holding on

To loved or sherished things so quick to leave,

And you can love so deep, but find it gone

When you figure out that looks can deceive.

He promised something, and maybe he forgot,

Or maybe what he said was just a lie,

But petals fell and said he loved me not,

And all that I could do was watch and cry.

The days that quickly faded into night,

The pennies that I tossed into the well,

The hours wishing things would rurn out right,

And still I feel as empty as a shell.

I mourn for flowers that I tore apart,

And things I wasted on a broken heart.


Fourth Place-Jilian Whitehead

The Sequence of Storms

It starts when I see you in the distance,

Your light cracks my world, then darkness claims all,

In your rain, I wish I could sing and dance,

Yet in your rain, I can't stand to e'en fall.

Lightning shatters up close, it won't restrain,

It slices my sould in thousands of parts,

No one can hear me in the beating rain,

Roiling, churning storm that tears up my heart.

Then thunder rolls through, it shakes me awake,

Inner fire ignites, energy humming

It's time to start anew in the storm's wake,

Watch out wherever you are, I'm coming.

It's like lightning:  you strike me then you're gone,

But after thunder calms, you'll find me strong.



Group III:  Adult

First Place-Mark Lamping

Sonnet 2005

Gray wind doth reach its icy fingers toward

The nestled homes that rest upon the hill.

It breaks the night with howls as from a horde

And shakes the frames with penetrating chill.

Protected safe inside these humble nests,

All snuggled warm beneath the soft, thick down,

In slumb'ring dreams that permeate their rest,

Dear neighbors sleep while waiting for the dawn.

Yet high above against the mountain's ledge,

The silent threat hangs hidden in the snow.

A wall of death clings lightly to the edge,

While chimney smoke climbs quietly from below.

And gentle slide breaks into thund'rous roar,

The alpine town will see the spring no more.


Second Place-Maril Crabtree

Waiting for 'Shakespeare in the Park'

When sun's full measure bursts upon the land,

And new grass sends forth tender shoots of green,

Thend does my heart unfold here as I stand

And open to warm nights' imagined dreams.

I dream the dreams of ev'ry summer's child

Who cannot wait for those unending hours

When sun's long journey dawdles, undefiled

By winter's chill and spring's first timid flow'rs

Until at last the twilight stars arrive

And we can frolic as we make our way

To join the season's throngs, alert, alive

Preparing for this year's exciting play.

"The play's the thing," the park's the perfect place

Where Shakespeare's wit can summon us with grace.


Third Place-Linda Greiner

Colder than Winter

Ah, jealous-not green but black and blue-

Injurious to sanity and heart,

A friendship dies because of douts so new,

And lack of scruples lets the evil start.

A tyrant orders baby girl to die,

As innocent as mother and a friend.

The oracle has said disaster's night.

The king's now broken heart must find a mend.

Another king's son wants to marry high,

The shepherd girl is pure yet royal, too.

Her secret past will cause the feud to die

The youngsters' love so innocent is true.

The long "dead" queen returns; her story told.

So Spring now enters hearts no longer cold.


Fourth Place-Gail White

The Table of Antique Postcards

So many trivial views, so many trite

messages:  "Finally made it to the Fair,"

"This is our ship."  "X marks my room."  "Last night

we saw the Grateful Dead."  With here and there

a "Happy Birthday."  "I love Grandma."  "Love

from Kansas City."  "Love you-coming home."

Who knew America had so much love 

to scatter on these bits of polychrome?

Maybe they left home once and got as far

as Canada.  Maybe the rode the rails

or took a cruise (this is our ship).  Here are

the proofs, the tiny slanting blue-black trails

that led them to the columbarium

where lie the grateful dead. (X marks my room.)