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Romeo and Juliet to Go!

Coming soon to your school or organization!

The Heart of America Shakespeare Festival presents Romeo and Juliet, live at your school or organization! Our touring education performances nurture an appreciation for the art of theatre and the work of William Shakespeare. For this project we have brought together seven actors to breathe life into a one hour version of Romeo and Juliet. Our program is intended to complement the work that is being done in the classroom, but is also an enjoyable hour of theatre for anyone. Students and others are provided with an experience that creates the world of the play and sheds light on the meaning of the text. Shakespeare’s plays have continued to captivate audiences for more than 400 years due to the skill with which they explore all sides of human nature. Romeo and Juliet offers a complete spectrum, spanning laughter, passion, love and death! The performance will provide you with a springboard for discussion and further study.
The Cast of Romeo and Juliet to Go!

  Romeo and Juliet to Go! Teacher Guide