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Adult Acting Classes - Shakespeare intensive

Professional and Non-Professional

The Festival is offering Adult Acting classes for theatre professionals focused on TEXT, VOICE and MOVEMENT;  improv and audition techniques, monologue work and scene study to aid in comprehension and delivery of Shakespeare's texts for professional acting work.  Classes for non-professionals will provide insight into walking and talking the text and  the beauty and power of the language.  Both series of classes will be offered for an eight week session led by the Festival's Executive Artistic Director, Sidonie Garrett and Education Director, Matt Rapport.  Classes will be held at the Shakespeare Studio, 3619 Broadway, Suite 2, Kansas City, MO  64111.

8 weeks on Mondays evenings for $80
Mondays 6:30 - 8:30 p.m., September 1, 2014 to October 20, 2014

•    Improvisation – 1 session
•    Business Navigation – headshots, resumes, contacts, contracts
•    Stage Combat and Movement – 1 session
•    Auditions – 3 sessions  
      (2 Shakespeare monologues, 1 modern text audition, OR 3 Shakespeare monologues)
•    Scene Study - 2 sessions - (1 Shakespeare, 1 modern OR 2 Shakespeare)

Registration form, click here.   Fall 2014 Adult Pro Registration

Complete and return via e-mail to, or mail to 3619
Broadway, Suite 2, Kansas City, MO  64111.

8 weeks on Saturday mornings
Saturdays,  10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., August 30, 2014 to October 18, 2014

•    Improvisation – 1 session
•    Monologue – 3 sessions
•    Scene Study – 3 sessions
•    Stage Combat and Movement – 1 session

Registration form, click here.   Fall 2014 Adult Non-Professional Class Registratio

Complete and return via e-mail to, or mail to 3619
Broadway, Suite 2, Kansas City, MO  64111.

Thank you to our SPONSORS

22nd Season a Success!

The 2014 season production of The Winter's Tale is now closed and we send a grateful THANK YOU to our season sponsors, donors, GOOD WILL SOCIETY members, Festival Fans and individuals who contributed to make our season a success.  To you all, we say "...Thanks, and thanks and ever thanks..."  Twelfth Night, Act III, sc. 3
Click here to read the names of the corporations, foundations and individuals who made it happen!

Become a Festival Insider


If you enjoy the Festival, want to see high quality classical theatre and care about the cultural life of our community, please consider membership as a FAN or as a member of our newly formed GOOD WILL SOCIETY.  Your membership keeps the Festival open to all and gives YOU some special insider access to our artists and to our pre-show GOOD WILL VIP tent with up-front seats that guarantee you the best experience of the summer!   As a member, your contribution will directly assist us in transforming a city park into a theater, and bringing the world of Shakespeare to life for tens of thousands of people. With your membership you will receive a host of benefits depending on the amount of your contribution.  Most importantly, you will know that because of you, FREE Shakespeare in the park is possible.


With your tax-deductible contribution to the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival you will receive:
FAN membership: 
 $150      2 Reserved Seats     1 Parking Pass 

GOOD WILL SOCIETY membership:    
 $250      4 Reserved Seats     2 Parking Passes + GOOD WILL VIP TENT access for 4 with a pre-show beverage
 $500      8 Reserved Seats     4 Parking Passes + GOOD WILL VIP Tent access for 8 with pre-show beverages

 $1000    12 Reserved Seats   6 Parking Passes + VIP TENT access for 12 with pre-show beverages + Thanks from stage
All Up-Front Reserved Seats; One-time use throughout the run of the Festival.

Shakespeare on the Road

FIRST STOP - Kansas City

The Festival is part of Shakespeare on the Road, an epic project which will document a 10,000 mile road trip this summer all around the United States. Dr. Paul Prescott of Warwick University and Rev. Dr. Paul Edmondson from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust with their documentary partners, AJ and Melissa Leon of Misfits, Inc. are visiting 14 Shakespeare Festivals as well as interviewing hundreds of artists, filmmakers, bloggers, musicians and theatre folks that use Shakespeare as a canvas for their work.

Founder, Marilyn Strauss, Dr. Paul Prescott, Rev. Dr. Paul Edmondson and Mayor Sly James

Shakespeare on the Road presented our Festival with a beautiful gift commemorating the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth.
Click here to follow their journey and get info about their visit to Kansas City!