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21st Season Acting Company

Use this handy list to see which actor is playing which part.

As You Like It Character                        Actor                   
Rosalind –                                          *Carla Noack
Duke Senior  -                                    *John Rensenhouse         
Duke Frederick -                               *Mark Robbins
Jaques –                                             *Bruce Roach
Orlando  –                                           *Todd Carlton Lanker
Celia –                                                  *Cinnamon Schultz
Oliver –                                                *Matthew Rapport
Adam –                                                 *Michael Linsley Rapport
Touchstone -                                       *Jacques Roy
Corin -                                                   *Scott Cordes
Silvius -                                                 Jake Walker
Phebe –                                                 Emily Peterson
Charles –                                              Taylor St. John
First Lord and Hymen -                      Phillip Shinn                                 
Amiens   –                                             Nathan Bovos
Le Beau –                                              J. Will Fritz
Sir Oliver Martext -                             Ben Auxier            
William -                                                Andy Perkins
Audrey –                                                Mary Glen Fredrick
Dennis and Lord -                                Matthew McAndrews 

*denotes a member of Actors' Equity Association