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School Programs

Shakespeare in the Classroom

Heart of America Shakespeare Festival’s year-round education programs provide the means to enrich the lives of young people in our community by nurturing an early appreciation for Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s texts are part of the core curriculum for all students and the Festival provides programs to enhance and enrich their comprehension of the stories and language. Festival education programs will engage students interactively, giving them the opportunity to live and breathe Shakespeare’s stories and characters.

Heart of America Shakespeare Festival is a proud member of Kansas City Arts Partners, a sequential arts-in-education program for grades K-12, integrating our community’s arts resources into the curriculum of Greater Kansas City area school districts.

The Play's the Thing! Hamlet

An Introduction to the Study of Hamlet

 This interactive workshop introduces students to the rich world of the play Hamlet

 The Play's the Thing! Hamlet Teacher Guide

Romeo and Juliet: Fortune's Fools

Grades 4-12

Teaching artists interactively bring to life the story of Romeo and Juliet.

 Romeo and Juliet: Fortune's Fools Teacher Guide

The Art of Argumentation! Julius Caesar

Grades 7-12

The story of Julius Caesar is a dynamic backdrop for students to explore the power of persuasion and reality of rhetoric.

 The Art of Argumentation! Julius Caesar Teacher Gu

En garde Bard! Stage Combat

Grades 5-12

Teaching artists who are also trained combatants will come to your classroom or gymnasium and provide an interactive presentation of stage combat techniques. Safety first!

 En Garde Barde! Stage Combat Teacher Guide

Shakespeare Off the Cuff

Grades 4-12

Shakespeare Off the Cuff is an introduction to the world of improvisational acting.

 Shakespeare Off the Cuff Teacher Guide

Bard Basics

Grades K-6

An introduction to the world of William Shakespeare in a fun, interactive way!

 Bard Basics Teacher Guide

Sonnet ShakeUP

Grades 4-12

Sonnet ShakeUP is a writing workshop offered to prepare students for participation in the Festival's annual sonnet contest.

 Sonnet Shake Up Teacher Guide

Poster Prep

Grades 4-12

Poster Prep is a workshop designed for art classes as a launching point for our yearly poster contest.

 Poster Prep Teacher Guide

Shakespeare: Villains and Heroes

All Ages

The Heart of America Shakespeare Festival presents Shakespeare: Villains and Heroes live at your school or organization! Our touring education performances nurture an appreciation for the art of theatre and the work of William Shakespeare. Our program is intended to complement the work that is being done in the classroom, but is also an enjoyable hour of theatre for anyone. Students and others are provided with an experience that creates a unique world of the play and sheds light on the meaning of some of Shakespeare's most influential texts.