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2013 Sonnet Contest Winners

Grades 4 - 12 and Adult Categories

2012 HASF Sonnet Contest Winners

Group I - Grades 4 – 8

First Place-Claire Dong

The False Rose

To all, she was a rose, so sweet, so bright

Her hair of gold and face of iv’ry wrought

That she seemed in the dark to be a light

A goddess child ov’r whom great wars were fought.

But did she weep for blood spilled for her heart?

Nay, she observed and smil’d down on the sight

Her vanity pleased that with her sweet art

So many men should find just cause to fight.

And scores of hopes and lives she has betrayed

Though of her wickedness no man knows

Her evil heat her beauty false potrayed

She was but serpent in disguise of rose.

For when a fool does come to pluck the flow’r

The snake strikes and his poisoned blood runs sour.

Second Place-

Ellie Schneider



A Night in London’s Eyes


A treacherous fight to the finish but,

I don’t know where the finish is around.

I keep walking until I get a cut,

From a thing that made the creepiest sound.

I run away from the beast in the snow

I hide behind a tree who’s dead like me.

Then I saw it move, and I ducked down low.

Snow covered my face so I could not see.

I break away from the tree running fast.

My feet burn from the icy ground, I turn

The beast is on my trail, I start to gasp.

The air is thick with fear, my stomach churns.

Before I start to lose my sanity,

I awake in Jack London’s fantasy.

Third Place-Morgan Boeh


 A ghostly veil cloaking humanity

It’s venomous bite trickling through veins

Feeding every shred of vanity

Harvesting our souls, binding us with chains.

It lurks in shadow of society

Icy tendrils woven into our souls

Imprinted upon our propriety

Slicing people’s consciousness full of holes.

Unbeknownst among all reality,

It gorges on all our fervent desire

Taunting the presence of morality

Fighting a war; fire agaisnt fire

We will forever be battling greed

It is time we devoted to love's creed.

First Honorable Mention- Elizabeth Ellis

Autumn Leaves Sonnet


Shaking in the wind ev’ry leaf grows loose

Struggling to hang on as branches stir

Refuse to fall like feathers of a goose

Leaves form a blanket on the ground like fur.

Graceful brown butterflies sink to the ground

Freefalling as the wind carries them on

Leaves trickle down like tears no longer bound

Descending down with grace just like chiffon.

Leaves crunch as children scurry home to play

Thrown up in the air to settle elsewhere

Layers and layers grow as more fall each day

Hawks swoop to find the mice that lie in there.

Transition like the setting of the sun

So now time has stopped and the day is done.

Second Honorable Mention- Katherine Keltner

Enjoy All Seasons


The sunshine’s rays may light the earth today,

But sometimes the clouds will cover the sky,

Other times rain will pelt the ground for days,

When snow comes the animals say goodbye,

In spring trees branches hold mini green buds

But in summer the trees hold big fat leaves

In autumn the leaves fall making soft thuds,

Winters leaves always get stolen by thieves,

Summer temperature is very hot,

In spring the teperature is just right,

The fall breeze makes a jacket hit the spot,

Every winter grass freezes at midnight.

Despite the weathers chill, or rain, or heat

Smile and let your heart continue to beat.

Group II- 9th-12th

First Place-Grayson Yockey

 Snowy Habit

Shall I compare thee to a winter’s night?

You are ev’ry bit as cold and biting

As those small freezing flakes of snowy white

Your flame is not worth reigniting

The months I spent with you went by too slow

Each day was just boring as the last

With each inhale my hate for you would grow

My dear, you are farthest thing from class

You took from me many years of sweet life

How can you be something that you are not?

We’d never, ever end up man and wife

You were much worse then I could e’er have thought

You were the habit that I could not quit

To you, should none be for-ced to commit


Second Place- Eric A. Gunnarson 

Oh, The Things We Did

Very different where the days,

When we turned the clouds to Giants.

Where Oz was just beyond the haze

And common cats were lions.

One time tackled papa bear;

We dragged him to our vast domain.

We rode his shoulders here and there,

Wishing to see the world from his plane.

But in time the Giants returned to vapor

And papa bear changed into dad.

Our flights of fancy grew bland in flavor,

In comparison to the times we had.

I can’t fight giants, nor visit Oz, its true,

But son, the yellow brick road is open to you.

Third Place-Archana Vasa


The images online can make tears fall

Small hips, full lips, size one, without a flaw.

The boys all talk and stare- she has it all.

The young girls think her picture is the law.

The people do not know she is not real,

Though she still gets never-ending applause

The joke is on us, for there is no deal

We hate our faces, bodies, just because.

What is true beauty in the modern age?

The person who knows this should take a bow

Yet all girls seem to be on the same page

That is cannot be what we are right now.

One look from you- I find that is the key

The days I look best are the days I’m me.


First Honorable Mention-Ethan Ambrose

The River

The River on with a turn and twist

Whilst carving through hills a glimmering path

Onward through forest, through mornings of mist

Through currents of calm and currents of wrath

Time, the river of Life, flows much the same

No matter how we try, we cannot tame

For Time is set solidly in its track

The leaves cascade down, the snow starts to fall

We are strong one day and feeble too soon

For the River of Time flows on through all

The Earth and the Sea, the Sun and the Moon

Against the River, we can push and press,

But against Time, resistance is useless

Second Honorable Mention-Katherine Byrket


Our Star


Each morning it arises from below

Shedding its light with nothing else to give

It warms the fields, reminding crops to grow,

It cleans the soul, inviting man to live

Putting holes through the evil of the dark,

It shields the world from those who live in fear.

Its warmth heals humans, leaving its own mark,

For the soul needs shaping from light so dear

And yet , it cannot survive forever,

For nothing can eternally remain.

The sun and the land will work together

To clean the earth and wash away its stain.

This stain is defined by the work of man

A permanent stain that kills what it can.


Adult Category

First Place-Bruce McClain


I ran with the wind when I was a lad,

Hence, now I am old - my feet fleet no more.

In my decline, memories I have had,

But I am grateful for my years, three score.

Nearby my rocker my slippers neatly stay,

My wrinkled robe hangs like an old soldier,

The clock breaks its silence, another day.

My body scent is of aging odor -

Though my strength dwindle my will continues,

My steps are short and my legs quiver.

I’ll make my way down to the Avenues -

Yes, to eye the drift of human endeavor.

What is left of me - a blur - a hoary head ?

The more I diminish - I dance with the dead


Second Place-Linda Greiner

As You Like It

The dangers love and virtue pose to hate,

Timidity is wrapped in shepherds’ clothes.

The girls are armed for forest danger state,

Yet love surrounds and kindness ends their woes.

The forest world helps Celia fall in love;

Fair Rosalind sees poems grow on trees;

Old Touchstone loves his homely little dove;

And Fred’rick joins his God upon his knees.

O, Phebe, fickle girl, replies on looks,

While Silvius stands hopeless at her side.

Orlando, cheated by his lack of books,

Yet helps his brother; evil is defied.

Restored, recharged, they heard the real world’s call

As you like it, the green world saved them all.

Third Place-Eve Brackenbury



The thing that struck me about them dying

All those years ago wasn’t that they died,

But that their war-less deaths were belying

The hopes of widows and mothers who tried

To keep vigil for God’s guidance and peace.

An expedition of discovery

Would end in a cold war, without release;

A failed venture seeking recovery.

Helplessness is just what it is--a curse,

Even more so for the men who were there.

Mothers and wives were spared something far worse:

To nurse the sick as death refused to spare

Those reeking of scurvy and wasting rot.

A military frontier claimed its lot.

Honorable Mention-Clint Jarrett

Homeless Faces

I lived between sunsets, no dream, no plan,

Quickly I learn to trust no one but me.

Mine, the ways and means of an empty man, 

Eating whatever I could find for free.

I was a cast-aside Vietnam vet, 

Scorned by those whose freedom I had fought for.

Hiding in a tomb from the fools I met,

A drunk, drug head, I lived for nothing more.

Now I notice the children and mothers;

Often abused, they seek safety and hope.

Praying they'll survive and live like others;

They perservere at the end of their rope.

Faces full of the fears of the unknown,

Holding on tight to the few things we own.